一、分享的英文是:Share 英 [e(r)] 美 [er] 二、短语1、share in profits;分享利润2、share the fruits of labour;分享劳动果实3、share the market;分享市场4、share

分享快乐 英文翻译 share happiness

share,sharing 都可以,关乎造句的意思:Thank you for your sharing. 谢谢你的分享; We are expecting to learn the share.我们期待学习分享;

关于分享的英语作文如下:It is important to share our happiness with others. When I pass an important, win a prize or do a good deed,I will be very happy to share them with

English 英[gl] 美[l] n. 英语; adj. 英语的; 英国的; 英格兰的; 英格兰人的; [例句]English students are forced to learn too much too soon.英国学生被迫在极短的时间内学习太多的东西.

Share culture is the most effective way is to communicate, disseminate, learn, update and development.AC mean we all know, for example, you have culture, and this culture is

1one 11 eleven 21 twenty-one 31 thirty-one 2 two 12 twelve 22 twenty-two 40 forty 3 three 13 thirteen 23 twenty-three 50 fifty 4 four 14 fourteen 24 twenty-four 60 sixty 5 five 15


用英语单词speak in English用英语说write in English用英语写

讲的英文单词 speak

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